FKT: Cayla Jones, AC Jones - Acadia Traverse (ME) - 2022-06-20

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 9m 13s
GPS track(s)

Beautiful day for an East Side Traverse! I grew up in Acadia area (and have spent countless years in these mountains), so when I saw this FKT existed, I figured I better give it a go. :)

I set out on the route heading E -> W on June 20th at ~11am with AC Jones. It was lovely hiking weather, and it seems that everyone else had the same idea to hit the trail as we may have spent more time waiting to pass people than actually hiking in some of the areas...but oh well! At least nice to see folks out and about enjoying the park! 

We decided to hike rather than try to trail run as the route is quite scrambly and root/rock-filled, and it had rained the previous evening so the steeper faces were wet. We scooted along about as quickly as we were able with the crowds and slippery areas, but I definitely want to give this another go when I can get an earlier jump on the day and the faces are dry. 

Carried everything with me with no stopping along the way. Overall, a really lovely adventure, and I'm so glad this route was put onto the site!